Brain Dynamics and Control Research Group.

We are a strongly multi-disciplinary research group at Washington University in St. Louis, working at the interface of systems theory, mathematics, neuroscience and brain medicine.

New! Positions are open for post-doctoral associates in the areas of modeling and analysis of brain network dynamics. Click Here for More Info.


(3/2017) Dr. Ching has received the NSF CAREER award!
(12/2016) We are excited to be launching two new NIH-funded initiatives!
(11/2016) Congrats to Mehdi Kafashan on his successful defense!
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Who We Are

Lab Picnic 2016.
Our current members are: Prof. ShiNung Ching (Principal Investigator); James Riehl (Postdoctoral Associate) ; Sina Khanmohamaddi (Postdoctoral associate); Anirban Nandi (Ph.D. 2017); Delsin Menolascino (Ph.D. 2018); Sensen Liu (Ph.D. 2017); Fuqiang Huang (Ph.D. 2019); Matthew Singh (Ph.D.)
Full List of Current Lab Members and Alumni

Current Projects

Our group uses systems and control theory to study the relationship between dynamics and information processing in the brain. In parallel, we are elucidating new ways of manipulating neuronal circuit dynamics using pharmacology and emerging neurostimulation technologies. Our approach combines computational neuroscience with control theoretic analysis and design. The complexities of neuronal circuits yield tremendous opportunities for developing new engineering theory, toward insights in basic neuroscience and translational applications in brain medicine. Here are some of our ongoing projects:

Code Sharing

We are happy to share simulation outputs and/or code associated with our publications, for the purposes of further academic research. Code that is not already available in online repositories can be requested via email.

Recent Publications

(For an up to date list of all group publications, visit our Wiki. For a list of Dr. Ching's previous publications, please click here.)

Our Funders

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the funders that make our research possible.

Contact Us.

We are always looking for energetic, curious and creative students to join our group. If you are interested in our research, please contact Dr. Ching via email : shinung (at) wustl (dot) edu.

Open Positions

Positions are open for postdoctoral associates in the area of modeling and analysis of neuronal network dynamics. Areas of interest include theoretical analysis of neuronal networks using systems, control and network science methods. These projects have substantial opportunities for working with human neural recordings and involvement clinical research at the Washington University School of Medicine. To apply, please email a CV and brief description of interest to Dr. Ching via email : shinung (at) wustl (dot) edu.